Design of shop in Alicante – Ciclos Campuzano

Design of shop in Alicante. In this project for Ciclos Campuzano, we applied a solution similar to that of the shop in San Juan of the same brand.

Project of interior design gift shop – Benidorm – Alicante

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Small details. A small shop with elegant, simple and timeless lines.

Design of Beauty Centre – Alfaz del Pi – Alicante

The strength of colour. A study of the facade in order to emphasise the image of the business.

Design of gift shop – Novelda – Alicante

The red box. The continuity of colour from the outside to the inside with display spaces that strengthen the product.

Interior design home decoration shop – San Juan – Alicante

The creation of different atmospheres for the great variety of articles of this company. Flexible areas in order to adapt to the changes of new collections.

Design of café bar – Benidorm

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The simplicity of the elements. The bar is the element of reference in these preferences with its lengthwise form, straight lines and very warm colours.

Design of tapas bar – Campello

This project fitted in with the specifications of this popular franchise respecting the particular personality and values that this brand transmits.

Design of tapas – San Juan – Alicante

This project fits in scrupulously with the specifications of the franchise, respecting at all times its personality and transmitting the values of this brand.

Design of shop San Juan – Ciclos Campuzano – Alicante

Diseño tienda San Juan (Alicante). La idea era crear un espacio envolvente donde la exposición reflejase personalidad y sinergia entre objetos...
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