Project of interior design gift shop – Benidorm – Alicante

Small details. A small shop with elegant, simple and timeless lines.

Interior design of the Joya Hotel Benidorm – Alicante


Urban image. The hotel is situated in the urban area of Benidorm and we tried to reinforce this image from the entrance hall.

Interior design offices – Benidorm – Alicante

Interiorismo oficinas - Benidorm (Alicante) - Asesoría Ferrer-Meliá. Se buscó que todo el personal disfrutara de un espacio cálido y cómodo.

Design of café bar – Benidorm

The simplicity of the elements. The bar is the element of reference in these preferences with its lengthwise form, straight lines and very warm colours.

Interior design of the Town Hall – Benidorm

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The aim of our intervention in this great space was to humanise the areas obtaining a timeless atmosphere with personality.

Interior design Municipal Library – Benidorm – Alicante

Project of interior design of the Municipal Library of Benidorm (Alicante)
Areas of reclusion for studying and reading, emphasising each area with different lighting.

Interior Design Hotel Mediterráneo – Benidorm – Alicante

The large panels in the form of waves that cover the great arched roof of the hall welcome us.

Design Terra Mítica – Benidorm – Alicante

When developing the challenge of the themes of the area of Egypt, we took every detail of the decorative art of this culture into account.
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